Tuesday, 5 September 2017

First Day of School

Hi Folks,

Welcome back.

This week we will be establishing routines and getting to know each other. We will focusing on cursive writing. Today we worked on c, a, r, car. Most of them got it done in class, but there could be a little homework to do.


Andrew Plater

Monday, 26 June 2017

Agenda June 26


1.  Social Studies Test - Wednesday

2.  Ancient Civilization/First Nations Feast
     The boys and girls have worked out what they are bringing for our Celebration. We have a variety of main dishes, side dishes, desserts and drinks coming for our "pot luck". Since we are the Green Team, everybody is to bring their own dishes, cups and cutlery which can be rinsed off and taken home when we are done. After the eating, we will do our catapult contest and if time permits, play chess. The boys and girls are also encouraged to dress in period costumes related to their research assignment. The feasting begins at 10:40, 1b.

Looking forward to a good time,

Andrew Plater

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Agenda June 21


1.  Red and White Day - spirit assembly

2.  Green Team BBQ - Friday

3.  Math Test - study practise test

4.  Ancient Civilization/First Nations Feast - Tuesday, June 27
The boys and girls are celebrating the foods and costumes of the civilization they have studied this term. Next Tuesday we are having a feast, sort of a pot luck, where authentic dishes from their culture will be shared with their classmates. Substitutes are acceptable, if not neccessary. For example, ginger ale for ale, and chicken instead of guinea pig. The feast will start first break and continue until second break. We will also finish up our castle/village projects by having a catapult contest during this time.

The students are encouraged to dress similarly to the way the people of their civilization dressed. It should be a good time.


Andrew Plater

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Agenda June 7


1. King's Wharf - Grade 4's to arrive at 8:35 am
                           - buses leave at 8:45 am

2. Castle/Village Project - now due Monday because of recent focus on probility

The grade 5's will be with Mrs. Shaw on Thursday when grade 4's are at King's Wharf.
They have the following work to do:

1. Geometry Unit

2. First Nations Unit

3. First Nations village - make sure all plan done
                                      - check success criteria

Friday, 2 June 2017

Agenda June 2


1. Castle/Village Project
    The boys and girls are working on their last big assignment of the year. The grade 4's are working       on a medieval castle and the associated technology. The grade 5's are working on a pre-European       First nations village and associated technology. They are working in small groups and have all the       instructions required to complete this assignment. They have lots of time in class to work on it but       many will need to work at home. This asignment is due next Wednesday.

    Their will be an ancient civilizations feast the last week of school where the projects will be                demonstrated.


Andrew Plater

Monday, 15 May 2017

Agenda May 15


1. Math Test - study practise test ( we spent a little extra time in class practising )

2. Slide Show for research project - Thursday

3. Track and Field - Wednesday

4. Fun Fair Gift Basket - Man Cave theme

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Agenda May10


1. Social Studies Research Organizer - Friday
2. Social Studies Slideshow - next Thursday
3. Fractions - Pages 233, 243, 236
4. Reader's Theatre - next Wednesday
5. Memorize joke for tree planting ceremony